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Our Hosting Control Panel

Our Control Panel comes with all our shared web hosting packages, offering an intuitive interface packed with free tools and bonuses. Manage multiple domains, enjoy drag-and-drop file uploads, and utilize our sophisticated Email Manager—all from one place. Discover why our control panel ranks among the top by viewing our video demonstration or trying out the comprehensive demo.

Our Domain Manager

Effortlessly register, transfer, and manage your domain names in a unified location. Unlike other control panels that separate domain and billing management, Our Control Panel allows you to manage all aspects of your hosting environment under a single account. Explore the functionality of Our Domain Manager through our live demo or the informative video below.

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Our File Manager

Enjoy the convenience of drag-and-drop file uploads, making FTP clients unnecessary. Our File Manager allows for seamless file transfers and management, enhancing your site administration experience. Learn more about its capabilities by accessing our demo or watching the tutorial video.

Discover Our File Manager | Play Video

Our Email Manager

Maximize your email efficiency with our Email Manager. Redirect emails, set up autoresponders, apply filters, and protect against spam—all within an easy-to-use interface. Configure your preferred desktop client for email access or manage your messages via webmail. Discover more through our live demo or the instructional video.

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Our Database Manager

Our hosting Control Panel includes a fully featured database management interface, providing complete control over your databases. Easily create new MySQL and PgSQL databases and manage them with the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin tools.

Over 500 Unique Features

From Domain and File Management to Email Administration, Our Control Panel integrates over 500 unique features, including a Database Manager for MySQL and PgSQL and a comprehensive Stats Manager. Experience an array of free extras, such as a website installer, web applications installation tool, PHP frameworks installer, free templates, a free sitemap generator, and much more. Our Control Panel also features a dedicated SSL Certificates section for enhancing your site's security.

Curious about how Our Control Panel compares to others? Visit our comparison page for a detailed look at how we streamline website hosting operations.

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