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Our Control Panel vs. cPanel

cPanel is widely recognized as a leading Control Panel in the hosting industry. However, its long-standing issues are often overlooked due to familiarity. Technologies and needs have evolved, and what was acceptable in 2000 may no longer be sufficient today.

Explore the significant differences between cPanel and Our Control Panel:

Our Control Panel vs. cPanel


Our Control Panel

1. Unified Control for Domains, Billing, and Websites

Our Domain Manager - Domain/billing/website controls Manage your website, domain names, and billing easily from one integrated location with Our Control Panel.
cPanel - Domain/billing/website controls cPanel requires separate control panels for your website management and another for billing and domains.

2. Organized File Structure

Our Control Panel - File structure Each domain has its own separate folder for superior organization in Our Control Panel.
cPanel - File structure cPanel uses one main domain folder, with all other add-on domains nested within it.

3. Advanced File Manager

Our File Manager Our Control Panel includes drag-and-drop file upload functionality directly into the File Manager, supporting archive/unarchive operations and right-click context menus.
cPanel - File Manager Despite updates, cPanel's File Manager lacks drag-and-drop uploads and archive/unarchive capabilities.

4. Exclusive Bonuses

Our Control Panel - Free Bonuses Enjoy an array of free bonuses with Our Control Panel, enhancing your web hosting experience.
cPanel - Free Bonuses The bonuses with cPanel can be minimal and depend significantly on the hosting provider.

5. Superior Performance

Our Control Panel - Performance Performance tests have shown Our Control Panel to be significantly faster than cPanel.
cPanel - Performance cPanel's performance can feel outdated and slow, a reflection of its early 2000s design.

6. Multi-Domain Management

Our Control Panel - Multi-Domain Controls Managing multiple sites is as easy as handling one or two with Our Control Panel.
cPanel - Multi-Domain Controls Managing more than a few websites in a single cPanel account can be challenging.

7. Intuitive Navigation

Our Control Panel - Navigation Our Control Panel features intuitive navigation with essential sections and drop-down menus for detailed management.
cPanel - Navigation cPanel's interface can be overwhelming with all options visible upfront, complicating navigation.

8. Comprehensive Demos

Our Control Panel - Demo Accounts Experience a comprehensive demo of Our Control Panel with only a few functionalities disabled.
cPanel - Demo Accounts cPanel offers a basic demo version that provides just a rudimentary idea of the Control Panel's capabilities.

Experience the advanced capabilities and user-friendly design of Our Control Panel by exploring our Live Demo. Discover how effortless and efficient web hosting management can be.

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