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VPS Hosting Plans (KVM)

Experience Superior Hosting with Our KVM VPS Solution

Our KVM VPS solution harnesses the power of KVM virtualization technology, integrated within Linux, to offer you a seamless and robust hosting experience. This technology allows for the creation of multiple isolated virtual machines, ensuring that our VPS platform operates at the efficiency of a high-tier hypervisor. It's a cost-effective yet powerful solution for hosting your websites and various projects.

Advantages of Choosing KVM VPS:

  • Flexibility: Supports any operating system.
  • Exclusivity: Comes with a dedicated IP address.
  • Dedicated Resources: Each VM has its own virtual hardware.
  • Enhanced Security: Leverages SELinux and sVirt for improved security.
  • Isolated Resources: Resources are isolated, private, and customizable to meet specific needs.
  • Scalability: Easily scales to accommodate even the most demanding workloads.
  • Reliability: Powered by the robust VPS technology with data centers around the globe.
  • Continuous Improvement: Automatically benefits from the latest Linux features and updates.
  • Full Control: Offers root access and complete control over your VPS.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Eliminates the need for hardware investments and software licensing.

Choose our KVM VPS hosting solution to enjoy a powerful, reliable, and scalable hosting environment for all your projects, without the hassle of managing physical hardware or software licenses.

KVM 1 KVM 2 KVM 4 KVM 8 KVM 16 KVM 32
Our most modestly priced VPS server package is loaded with lots of free bonuses, including complete root access and a choice of Operating Systems.
Offering a fabulous set of free bonuses and a selection of Operating Systems, this virtual server package is a perfect choice for you.
Offering a selection of OSs, this VPS server package is a great deal for its price.
A perfect choice for housing your site and for managing an e-mail marketing campaign.
Coming with a excellent price/feature setup, this server has proven to withstand excessive load and can perfectly suit your growing project(s).
A perfect choice for creating multimedia-rich sites such as news sites.
1 CPU Core 1 CPU Core 2 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores 6 CPU Cores 8 CPU Cores
20 GB Storage 40 GB Storage 80 GB Storage 160 GB Storage 320 GB Storage 480 GB Storage
1 TB Data Transfer 2 TB Data Transfer 4 TB Data Transfer 5 TB Data Transfer 6 TB Data Transfer 7 TB Data Transfer
Full Root access Full Root access Full Root access Full Root access Full Root access Full Root access
$8.99 / month $14.99 / month $29.99 / month $59.99 / month $105.99 / month $199.99 / month
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